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  2. Dear Party Sub Productions,

    My name is Rung-Hung Shiu. I'm a MBA degree student who is studying in department of Information System in National Sun Yet-Sean University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Advisor is Prof. Fen-Yang Kuo who had taught in University of Colorado.
    In May, we found the " Art Jigsaw Puzzles - For the iPhone & iPod Touch! " app is promoted to the News and Noteworthy from iTune's Game or Entertainment Category. It means Apple considered the company's app is greater than others. As our research is about the field of Apps Marketing, so would you please provide detailed sales data for academic purposes ?

    Actually, there are many App companies promote their products via Youtube and App recommendation websites, such as App Shopper, App Spy ..,etc. But it's not sure what the performance will be, and what kind of videos and recommendation websites could impulse customers to download the apps. We are collecting over 100 apps which is promoted to the News and Noteworthy from iTune's Games or Entertainment category in May. If Party Sub Productions could provide the app's sales details for our research (app's daily downloads and ranking in Games or Entertainment, date from the latest app released(2011/5/3 ) to now), we are really appreciated !!! And we'll also happy to share the research result with company.

    If you would like to share this information, we will protect and not disclose this information.

    Justin Shiu

    Rung-Hung Shiu (Justin)
    Department of Information Management
    National Sun Yat-sen University
    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
    Email: jsjustindoit@gmail.com

  3. Hi, my name is Katy. I'm an app reviewer at AppAdvice.com. I specialize in finding fun, unusual, or hilarious apps to feature in my column, "Quirky App Of The Day." I found your app Atomic Zit Popper, and I'm all for writing up a review for it. I'm writing to ask for a promo code for your app, and once the review is done, I'll send an email with a link.

    Thanks for your consideration,

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